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Incorporating salads into your regular meals can contribute significantly to your overall health and well-being, here are six simple ways to dress up your meals and add more colour, texture and flavour to your food.

ONE Beautiful green shelled Edamame beans loaded with goodness. Add them to a salad for a boost of protein, fibre and texture. Simply take shelled beans and add to a pot of water heat gently for a few minutes. Drain off the water and dress beans with a good sprinkling of sea salt or your favourite seasoning.

TWO A good potato salad never goes astray and makes for a great side addition to any meal. This is a simple salad, made using a firm potato variety that keeps its shape and doesn't fall apart when boiled.

*Peel and cut potato into bite size pieces.

* Boil in salted water until fork tender, drain cooking water and cool.

* To the cooled potato add finely chopped young beetroot leaves.

*Finely diced red or purple salad onion.

*Finely shredded fresh mint.

*Fresh dill leaves.

*Prepare a simple dressing of Olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Drizzle over the salad and toss gently.

THREE Pickled beetroot is a delightful and tangy condiment that adds a burst of flavour and vibrant colour to a salad. To the homemade pickled beetroot I added finely diced purple onion and tossed it with fresh dill leaves and a dash of olive oil.

FOUR Variegated long beans fresh from the garden just boiled while still maintaining a crisp and crunchy texture. Dressed with a simple dressing of salt, olive oil and lemon juice.

FIVE Cubed pumpkin, lightly salted and baked in the oven until fork tender. Pumpkin removed, cooled and dressed lightly with dijon mustard, lemon juice a little olive oil and salt. Then pumpkin tossed gently with pepita pumpkin seeds and non dairy feta cheese.

SIX Firm and ripe avocado cubed and gently tossed with sun dried tomato and capers.

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Wow. That looks incredible. Will definitely give that a try this weekend.


Thank you, enjoy

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