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Seeds of Goodness Crackers

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

These crackers were created after I had left over vegetable pulp from juicing. This recipe is an easy to make healthy snack full of goodness. They contain heart healthy fats, loads of protein and fibre and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are light, crispy and crunchy, gluten free, nut free, egg free, dairy free and oil free. Follow along and learn how to make them, get your children or grandchildren involved. Make up your own combination of seeds and seasonings. Enjoy them with your favourite dip, great snacks for your children’s lunch box . The hardest part is to stop eating them.


Baking trays x2, teflon sheets x2, or baking paper, mixing bowl,

spatula and knife

OVEN preheat to 140 degrees Celsius or 284 degrees Fahrenheit

INGREDIENTS ¾ cup golden linseed (flaxseed) ¼ cup flax meal * (see note) ¼ cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds) ¼ cup sunflower seeds ¼ cup white sesame seeds ¼ cup hemp seeds ¼ cup nutritional yeast flakes 1 tbsp black sesame seeds 1 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp dried onion flakes 1 ½ tsp dried oregano and thyme 1 tsp dried chives 1 tsp pink Himalayan salt ¼ tsp chilli or cayenne pepper ¼ tsp vegeta (seasoning) ¼ tsp spirulina (optional) 1 1/4 cup purified water Salt flakes as a topping (optional)

VARIATION Add 1 ½ cups vegetable pulp left over from juicing (optional) Replace some of the water with freshly made vegetable juice.

METHOD • Place all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. • Add the vegetable pulp (optional) otherwise add the water ¼ cup at a time. You may not need all the liquid if you are using pulp. Mix to incorporate all the ingredients. Mixture should be firm and moist. Let the mixture rest for at least 20 minutes. Resting the mixture allows the linseed to expand and absorb the liquid creating a gel like substance that helps as a binder. • Line baking trays with Teflon sheets or baking paper. • Divide the mixture between the two trays and spread out evenly and thinly using a spatula to smooth it out. • Take a sharp knife press down gently, and score into cracker shapes.

• Pinch salt flakes between your fingers and sprinkle over the crackers if you like. • Place trays second from the bottom rung of your oven.

Bake at 140 degrees C or 284 degrees F for approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

Cooking them on a low temperature ensures slow even baking without burning the crackers. Check after 30 mins. If the crackers feel firm when you touch them remove the tray from the oven and gently flip the crackers over, return trays to the oven for another 20 -30 mins. • Check for doneness they should feel firm and crisp. Remove from the oven, break up the crackers carefully with a knife or your hands. • Leave them on the tray to cool completely.

• Store in airtight containers. • These crackers may also be dehydrated.

*NOTE: Flax meal can be made by placing linseeds in a blender or seed grinder and blending to form a flour. Or you can buy flax meal at a health store or the health section at the super market.

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