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Roast Butternut Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup

The ingredients for this soup are placed on a sheet tray and roasted in the oven to give depth of flavour. Once the vegetables are fork tender they are removed and cooled. Roasted vegetables are then placed in a wide base blender and blended with vegetable stock until smooth and creamy. What could be more simple now you have a delicious tasting and nutritious soup.

EQUIPMENT 1 large saucepan or stock pot, 1 large mixing bowl, blender

Preheat Oven to 180 degrees Celsius, bake at 200 degrees


350g butternut pumpkin

220g orange sweet potato

265g or 2 medium size brown onions

50g or 10-12 medium size garlic

Drizzle of light cooking oil (optional)

Sprinkling of salt

5 Cups of vegetable stock OR

5 Cups water plus 2 vegetable stock cubes

1 Cup plant based milk (optional)


*Peel and roughly chop pumpkin, sweet potato and onion

*Place prepared vegetables in a large bowl add unpeeled garlic cloves

*Drizzle with a little oil and a sprinkling of salt

*Toss vegetables to coat then place on a baking tray

*Bake vegetables until fork tender about 20-30 minutes

*Remove vegetable from oven when done

*Remove skin from garlic and place the vegetables in a wide based blender

*Add vegetable stock or water and stock cubes to blender

*Blend on high until smooth.

*Place the blended soup in a large saucepan and heat on medium heat.

* Add milk and stir, if you choose not to add milk replace with more water.

*Add more liquid if you want a thinner liquid soup.

*Adjust flavour to your taste.

*Serve while hot, garnish with fresh minced parsley, hemp seeds, pepitas and or pesto.

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