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Make It Tasty Fried Rice

Follow these few steps to make a tasty fried rice.

This dish may be made in a wok if you have one or second choice is a non stick fry pan, either will be fine. Make sure it is a large size wok or pan big enough for you to toss everything together.

Make it tasty fried rice is made using left over cooked rice, that has been kept in the fridge and so is completely cold. Cold rice ensures the grains separate and do not clump together.

If you do not have any pre cooked rice you can cook the rice and cool down completely.

Preference of rice is up to you, white or brown, basmati or fragrant, medium or long grain.

Chop or dice vegetables of your choice, stay with what's in season.

You may have vegetables that need using up in the fridge, this is a good time to use them.

In place of egg which is a common ingredient in fried rice dishes, I sometime add different combinations of mushrooms or tofu for a different texture and flavour.

Prepare ingredients before you cook the dish, including sauces, seasonings and garnish.


EQUIPMENT: Wok or non stick large based pan


1 large shallot finely diced, or 1 small brown onion

2 large gloves of garlic, minced

1 thumb nail size ginger, finely minced

1 medium or 100g carrot finely diced

1 medium or 100g zucchini finely diced

½ cup or 60g capsicum finely diced

1 cup or 70g diced king oyster mushroom ( or mushroom of choice)

¾ cup finely chopped Italian parsley (optional)

4 cups cooked cold rice

½ teaspoon turmeric

½ teaspoon vegeta vegetable seasoning

2 tablespoon light tasting soy sauce

1-2 shallots, (spring onion) finely chopped for garnish

Grape seed or light tasting oil

*Alternate with what vegetables are available or in season.



*Heat up a wok on high heat once desired temperature is reached turn down to medium.

*Add 2 tablespoons of oil to the wok, add finely diced onion and saute until just turning colour then add minced garlic and ginger. Cook a further minute.

* Add finely diced carrot, zucchini and capsicum cook 2-3 minutes stirring at the same time as you would a stir fry to get even cooking. Once vegetables are tender remove and set aside in a bowl.

*Add more oil to the wok once heated add in small diced mushroom with a sprinkle of salt, saute' until nicely browned and cooked 1-2 minutes. Remove and set aside.

*Add cold rice to the wok, with the back of a wooden spoon gently break up the rice so it is not clumping together. Once rice is heated through add turmeric, vegeta seasoning and light soy sauce stir through rice to combine. Add back to the rice cooked vegetables and mushroom and finely chopped parsley, toss through to combine cook a further 1-2 minutes until parsley wilts, turning rice over a few times with a wood spoon so the parsley cooks through. Check seasoning is to your liking. Transfer fried rice to a serving bowl and garnish with edible flowers or finely chopped spring onion.

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