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Creamy Sago Custard Cups

A creamy and delicious, simple and easy desert that comes together quickly in time to share with your family and friends. All you need is a base consisting of fruit puree, add to this a creamy custard mixed with tapioca. Top with fresh fruit in season.

There you have it.

It is quick, it is easy and it is delicious.

Give it a try today and enjoy.


TAPIOCA PEARLS: are made from the starch of the cassava plant also known as tapioca. They are little white balls that turn translucent when cooked and give texture to the dish without additional flavour.

RICE SYRUP: is made from brown rice. You may also use dates or date syrup, agave or maple syrup or other sweetener of your choice.

CORNFLOUR: is used as a thickening agent, mixed with water to make a slurry and added to the liquid.

For gluten free alternative you can purchase gluten free cornflour or use arrowroot flour. If using arrowroot flour use twice as much as you would cornflour.

CUSTARD: Look for natural plant based ingredients that make up custard powder. Make your own or purchase ready to make sachets. Read the ingredient list to make sure it is suitable for your needs.

There are gluten free alternatives, Well and Good is a plant based gluten free custard powder.

FRUIT PUREE: you may choose whatever fruit is in season. If you choose plums make sure they are suitable for cooking.

The plums used in this recipe are Queen Garnet. Any dark purple or red plums that have the same coloured flesh are suitable.


serving cups, wooden spoon, medium size saucepan, food mill, sieve, mini blender

MAKES 4-5 small or 3-4 large cups



708g or 9 large dark plums, de-stoned and sliced

2 tablespoons rice syrup, (or sweetener of choice)

1/2 cup of spring water

2 teaspoons tapioca, arrowroot or cornflour

2 teaspoons water extra


*Place sliced plums in a medium sized cooking pot.

*Add sweetening and water.

*Bring to a simmer over medium heat, cook until plums become soft and start to break down.

*Over a bowl place a food mill or a sieve. You may also use a stick blender or mini blender.

*Pour cooked plums into food mill and make the puree, set aside.

*In a small bowl add cornflour or your thickening of choice add 2 teaspoons of water and mix together to form a paste.

*Pour the plum puree into a medium size pot and reheat to a gentle simmer.

*Add the thickening and stir to combine, keep stirring on low heat for a couple of minutes until puree thickens. Set aside and cool.


1/2 cup of tapioca pearls

31/2 cups spring water

1 custard sachet or 125g custard

375g or 1 1/2 cups plant milk of choice

plant based milk of choice


*Add 31/2 cups of water to a medium size saucepan, turn up the heat and bring to a boil.

*Add tapioca pearls, reduce heat and simmer.

*Cook for at least 10 minutes, stirring frequently to keep pearls separated and prevent it sticking to the bottom of the pot.

*After 10 minutes remove from heat, cover with a lid and let it rest for 5 minutes.

*Next pour tapioca pearls into a sieve, rinse under cold running water to remove starch. Then set aside.

*Make up the custard according to packet instructions in a medium size pot.

*The milk custard needs to be thin not thick. If you need too, thin it out by adding more milk a little at a time.

*Once custard has cooled a little add the tapioca and gently mix through to combine.


*Divide plum puree between cups.

*Divide tapioca custard between cups and gently spoon in leaving a 1.5cm or 1/2 inch gap from top of cup.

*Decorate with fresh seasonal fruit. May add crushed nuts and whipped plant based cream.

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